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Off Grid systems

1) HY-LW500H- Daily best output 1400WH

2) HY-LW1000H-Daily best output 2920WH

3) HY-LW2000L-Daily best output 3378WH

4) HY-LW2000H-Daily best output 9310WH

5) HY-LW3000H-Daily best output 10134WH

6) HY-LW5000L-Daily best output 6756WH

7) HY-LW5000H-Daily best output 13512WH

Stand-alone Off Grid Solar Power System operates independent from the electric utility grid (off-grid) and is most often used in remote areas where the utility grid is not available, or when the home owner decided to become independent from the national grid. Installing an Off Grid system that generate enough Kilo Watts to supply 100 % off the daily requirements off a standard home is a costly exercise.


The benefits of such an investment are a source of independent unlimited energy 24/7. One also needs to look at the payback time for the Off Grid Investment incurred by the owner. With todays and future electricity price increases Eskom plans to implement the system will pay itself within a few years.


 Solar generated DC power needs to be stored in battery and converted to AC power to supplying the required AC loads. Stand-alone Solar Power System consists out of a number of components namely:

1)     The Solar Panels

2)     Solar Panel Controllers

3)     Batteries

4)     Off Grid Inverter

5)     Electric cables and couplers

6)     Brackets

7)     Various hardware components


TBV Solar will analyse your requirements and supply the best solar solutions to accommodate your needs.