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Flexible Solar Camping Kit 250 Watt | Products | , Bester, , Bronkhorstspruit | TBV Solar

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High efficiency Monocrystalline 250W ,fabric folding solar panel 
Light weight, very portable
Model No :  FSK-250W-F5M
Product specification  Product photo 
Bag material   600D   
Bag color  Camouflage color
Open size? MM? 2660*704
Folding size ?MM? 535*704
Folding thickness ?MM? 75
Net weight ?KG? 10.65 KG
Solar panel 
Solar Cell  Monocrystalline 
Efficiency rate  20.0%
Maximum power(Pm)  ?W? 250
Power Tolerance  ±3%
Voltage at max power(Vmp)     ?V?  19.80V
Current at max power(Imp)    ?A?  12.63A
Open circuit voltage(Voc)    ?V? 23.36V
Short circuit current(Isc)       ?A? 13.89A
Operating Temperature      ???  -20 to 50?
Maximum System Voltage ?V? 100V
Maximum Series Fuse Rating A? 15A
Standard Test Condition                                  Irradiances 1000W/?
Module temperature 25?,AM=1.5     
Warranty   Power is not less than 90% in 5 years
Resistances  227g steel ball dropped from
1m height 
Normal operating temperature                                   46? ± 2?            
Current temperature coefficient    0.05%/°C
Voltage temperature coefficient   - 0.35%/°C
Power temperature coefficient   - 0.45%/°C